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Tim Roberts

Tim Roberts

Local SEO

A few things to know about me:

Learn something new everyday is my favorite saying.

I enjoy working with technology and using it to solve the needs of my customers. Technology does enhance peoples lives but can be frustrating at times to people. I’m military veteran of  the United States Navy for 20 years. I worked for Microsoft for 8 years as a network engineer, learning from some of the greatest minds in the computer industry. This lead me to a network engineer specialist in Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) or Microsoft media-room (Now Erickson).

How did I get into Local Search:

As a small business owner it is a must to have a presence on the internet for your business and to draw customer to your local. After dealing with a few Local Search Engine Optimization companies (SEO) and getting no positive movement to bringing customer our business. I though, why I’m I having someone do this SEO stuff, I have a computer background.So this started me on my Local SEO career.

That was eight years ago (2007), The passion for Local SEO continues today. I try to attend one seminar, This year I will be going to State of Search, which is mid-November in Dallas, Texas. Read allot of Blogs , here are two really interesting blogs AutoRevo and Localvisibilitysystems, attend Local SEO Meet Ups and various Google Plus groups.

My values and beliefs

Be honest and transparent in your business dealings. I will not promise you something that I cannot deliver on. I give free Local SEO Evaluations. There or no contracts, I give a honest estimate of how long it will take and the cost. Local SEO cannot be done over night. It takes time.

How can I help you?

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