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Local  Search Pack Changes from showing 7 to 3 results

Local Pack 7 Listing

Google has updated your search results you may have noticed this when conducting a search. Prior to August 7, 2015  when you searched for “maid service lewisville” you would get a top seven listing (if available) for  Local business. (Left image listed above)

Today when you search for “maid service lewisville” you now get a three listings. (Right image listed above). The SEO term for this is a 3 pack.

This obviously will lead to fewer phone calls and sales for those businesses that appeared in the fourth position or lower. But it might lead to more business for those in the first three results.

The local pack is not just showing fewer business listings, it has been redesigned to fit a more mobile user interface.

What are some of the changes?

  • Website no longer listed under the business name. This has received its own Icon to the right of the listing.
  • Gone are the A,B,C pins and hovering over the pins to show the business information to the right. This feature has moved a layer deeper.
  • Click on a business within the 3 pack, direct you to the business information but also see multiple business for that category
  • I have noticed that when Clicking the website, it will redirect to a Facebook page

What do I need to do?

  • Ensure your On page factors are correct
  • Ensure your Website listings are correct across sites (Google, Bing, Yahoo)
  • Continue to get Positive reviews
  • Blog about your business weekly

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