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Can Yelp reviews be used on your Website?

It’s questions that has had alot of debate over the last few months on blogs and Google plus hangouts. Lots SEO’s have debated the pro’s and con’s of doing this but this month we have annswer. Local businees owners have long been concerned about put there Yelp reviews on there websites.

Phil Rozek of Local Visibility Sytems wrote a great piece on this.

Here is a snippent from his aricle. 

There’s long been a concern among “local” business owners and marketers that Yelp might filter or otherwise remove your hard-earned reviews if you copy and paste them onto your site.  Yelp’s a killjoy, so there’s some basis for that assumption.

But it turns out Yelp is fine with your publishing Yelp reviews on your site (and sometimes elsewhere), under a few conditions.

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