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Reviews and Buying Process

In April of 2015, I wrote a short blog post about “Who Needs online reviews Anyway”. It discussed the need to have good reviews, a short survey and the impact reviews had on the Search Engine Ranking Factor of 2014. Today Tuesday August 4, 2015 Dan Hinckley came out with “New Study: Data Reveals 67% of Consumers are influenced by Online Reviews”.

The study investigates how individuals interact with Google and other major sites during the buying process. It also reveals information about reviews and the impact to the bottom line.

Here is a snip it of that information. I encourage everyone to read the entire article.

Do searchers go beyond page 1 of Google?

We first sought to understand how deeply people went into the Google search results. We wanted to know if people tended to stop at page 1 of the search results, or if they dug deeper into page 2 and beyond. A better understanding of how many pages of search results are viewed provides insight into how many result pages we should monitor related to a brand or product.

When asked, 36% of respondents claimed to look through the first two pages or more of search results. But, looking at actual search data, it is clear that individuals view less than 2% of searches below the top five results on the first page. From this, it is clear that actual consumer behavior differs from self-reported search activity.



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