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Drainage Issues During the Rainy Season in Texas

Common yard drainage issues include rainwater runoff flooding buildings, yards, houses, and pools. Most business owners, homeowners, and builders first think about installing a Channel or French Drain. In some cases, like when working in small spaces, this is the right choice. However, these drains are incredibly costly and require annual maintenance. Therefore, we would like to introduce another, more permanent and often cheaper option, not many think about – Regrading the Property!

Every property has a certain level and sloped parts, known as the property’s “grade”. For the rainwater to drain properly, the yard must be graded properly. It would redirect water runoff away from your home, building, and other structures and naturally drain out of your yard. Sometimes, the grading is not done appropriately during the building process, and occasionally material deposits made over long periods redirect the natural flow of water. It creates drainage issues around the home, buildings, pool, or other parts of the property. This is where you need a skilled excavation company’s services to correct the problem.

The excavation firm will ‘Regrade’ the property to tackle drainage issues on the property. They only need access to the workspace to move-in their equipment, typically a skid steer and mini excavator, via existing access or by removing a section of fencing. Then they work to regrade the property by moving around the existing dirt in the yard, cutting and filling with the material as needed to change the property’s natural slope. Finally,, they re-check the grade using a special laser to ensure any water would flow away to drain off your property. Usually, regarding and then re-sodding the yard costs less than having a French drain installed, and it is a permanent and maintenance-free solution!

Slight warning – Regrading a yard can be challenging to perform if the soil is already saturated with water. It would lead to extra machine time and a rise in your cost. If you know, you have drainage issues; contact A&B Excavation today to get your yard regraded before the rain hits Texas!

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