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How Fuel Injection Systems Have Improved Over the Years

Fuel economy continues to be a big push for automobile makers as they strive to meet the stringent Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards we’ve discussed in previous articles.  In this post, we’ll cover a brief history of fuel delivery to the engine, and go over the new technology of gasoline direct injection (GDI), also referred to as direct fuel injection (DFI), versus multipoint (or multiport) fuel injection (MPFI).

When gasoline-driven cars were first manufactured, a carburetor was used to mix a tiny amount of fuel (about 10 milligrams) with the right amount of air before sending the mixture into the engine’s combustion cycle. This process was not always consistent as cars could run too rich (smoky, stalled easily, and the engine would flood) or run too lean (not have enough explosive power to run at all with potential engine damage). This was not very fuel efficient or emissions-friendly.

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