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How to remove countries from your Google Analytics data?

Over the course of a few months, I started seeing traffic coming from different countries climbing in my customers Google Analytics account. Knowing my customer doesn’t do business with these countries has prompted me to figure out how to remove them.

The process is actually very simple to do in Google Analytics

Login into you Google Analytics account. Click on the name you gave your instance. Click on the instance and under here your website listed.

Log on to Google Analytics-Lewisville TX| Local SEO



Once inside the reporting section of Google Analytics, Click on “Admin” tab at the top of the page.

Admin Google Analytics-Lewisville TX|Local  SEO


On the view column you will want to create a “new” view so that you still have an unadulterated report of all traffic in Google Analytics. I named my mine “Filters Countries, IP’s.” After you have your new view selected, click in to the “Filters” section then select the “+New Filter Button.”

Google Filters-Lewisville TX|Local SEO| SEO




Setting up filters from here on it pretty straight forward. I filtered out all traffic from United Kingdom,Canada, Philippines, Russia, Brazil, India, Australia, Germany and Colombia. These are just the countries that have appeared in my country list under Audience> Country.

The filter name is just a name I gave it to remind me of this condition. I usually just type “block Brazil.” or “Block India” Next, choose the filter type “custom.” Choose “country” from the “Filter Field” drop down. The “Filter Pattern Field” is where you actually define what countries you are filtering, so make sure you spell them correctly. You can double check your filters by using the “Verify This Filter” button. A graph will pop-up and show you how many sessions will be removed from the last seven days.

Define Your  Filter-Lewisville TX|SEO|Local SEO









In view, “View Settings” within the Admin Tab, select “Time Zone” (make sure its set to your time zone and checking) and check the “Bot Filtering” Exclude all hits from know bots and spiders

Bot Filtering -Lewisville TX|SEO|Local SEO









The above is just a example of blocking countries. If you check your website often you can set a filter for your IP address, so this won’t be added to your monthly hits to the website. You would change the “Filter type” > “Custom”>” Selected Field to”IP Address”. Just keep in mind that if you do not have a static IP Address, you have change this as your IP address changes.