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How to Index Your Site?

In order for your pages to show up in Google Search Engine results (SERPs) you need to make sure your website is indexable.

Google’s index is simply a list of all the web pages that the search engines know about. If Google doesn’t index your website, your site won’t appear in Google’s search results.

Why is indexing Important?

Websites that aren’t indexed are not in Google’s database. The search engine thus can’t present these websites in its search engine results pages (SERPs).

To get websites indexed,  web crawlers (Googlebot, Mozilla, AppleWebKit, etc..) need to “crawl” that website.

A quick refresher of the search engine process:

  • Crawling: Search engine bots crawl the website to figure out if it’s worth indexing. Web spiders, or “Googlebot,” are always crawling the web, following links on existing web pages to find new content.
  • Indexing: The search engine adds the website to its database (in Google’s case, its “Index”).
  • Ranking: The search engine ranks the website in terms of metrics like relevance and user-friendliness.

so indexing just means that your site is stored in Google’s databases. It doesn’t mean it will show up at the top of the SERPs.

How Do I Check If Google Has Indexed My Site?

There’s no doubt that you want your website to be indexed — but how can you know if it is or not? Luckily, the search engine giant makes it pretty easy to find out where you stand via site search. Here’s how to check:

  1. Go to Google’s search engine.
  2. In the Google search bar, type in your site domain name site:localfirstseo.com.
  3. When you look under the search bar, you’ll see the Google results in the categories “All,” “Images,” “News,” etc. Right underneath this, you’ll see an estimate of how many of your pages Google has indexed.
  4. In this example, 70 results showed up in .25 sec
  5. If zero results show up, the page isn’t indexed.

index my site | Local First SEO

Sign up for the ” Free” Google Console Console. You will have to add a verification code to your website. When you signup for our Monthly SEO Service this is added.


So How Do I Get Google to Index My Site?

The easiest way to get your site indexed is to request indexing through Google Search Console. To do this, go to Google Search Console’s URL Inspection Tool. Paste the URL you want to be indexed into the search bar and wait for Google to check the URL. If the URL isn’t indexed, click the “Request Indexing” button. 

google search console

Request indexing

Just a reminder there is a daily limit on the number of URLs you can index.  Just make sure you check your Robots.txt before indexing

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