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Local Search Optimization Services

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Website Analysis:

“Free Analysis” of your business website. We will go through your site looking for On-Page Factors (On-Page factors are the aspects of a given web page that influence search engine ranking) that may be negatively affecting your ranking and website’s performance. We will compile an analysis of your data and present the information to you. We will “NOT” try to sell you are “Local SEO optimization Package” if we only find a few things wrong. We will assist you in correcting these issues. Some SEO companies use ” Free Analysis or Free Quote”  to determine what to charge you.  Not at Local First SEO, our price is set at $400 single page with SEO, $950 for five pages, and   with SEO. if web hosting is needed we can provide it. if we find 15 issues or 100 issues.

Checkmark greenOptimize your Google Place Page:

We will make sure your basic information (like your name, address and phone number) referred to as NAP, is properly formatted.  We will ensure that your business is listed under the correct “Categories”. We will troubleshoot and fix “duplicate” Google listings, which can hurt your ranking. We will link your Google account to your website, to Google Analytics, and create positive links to your website.

Checkmark greenOn-Page Factors: 

Tuning up your website for maximum local visibility. Google looks at various elements of your webpage. We will ensure that all H1 Tags are in place, Tile tags are configured properly for local visibility, proper use of image tags, adding your Google author tag, linking your website to your Google Analytics account, and Google and Bing Webmaster tools to your website.

Checkmark greenBusiness listings on major search Engine: 

We will list your business on Yelp.com, local.com, Yahoo.com, and 50 other sites for $20, 100 USA Citations listings for $40, and    If you’re already listed on certain sites, we will verify and fix the listing. With our citation build method, we will review your competitor’s list, compare the two and list the ones for your industry and region.

Checkmark greenSetup and implement a review strategy for your business: 

We will review your company’s policy on getting reviews. Make recommendations from that review process and customize a handout for your company. We will also establish an online review page for your customers. Obtaining reviews is a hard process and can take time.

Checkmark greenLocal Link listings: 

We will work with your business to obtain local links opportunities. Local community businesses are a gold mine of potential links to harvest.

Checkmark greenAnalytics Reporting for your business: 

We will provide your business with Google Analytics reporting. (Our preferred method but recently Crazy Egg offers a good alternative to Google Analytics) Google gives the business on the site in their customers, demographic, and social media insight into your business, tracking actionable items, and more. Once confirmation is received, I will contact you by email. Review our services page for easy billing.

Whats the Next Step

The next move for your business local optimization is:


  • Do nothing and continue on the same path.
  • Apply for our Local Optimization Tips newsletter. Use these tips to help your business.
  • Use some of our recommended Tools and Services to further assist your business.
  • Use our free evaluation to correct the issue yourself or if you have a current SEO, pass the information onto them and let them address the issue we found.

Thumbs Up- Lewisville TX| Local SEO optimizationStart today getting your business optimized by applying for our “Local SEO Optimization“, a monthly fee of $225.00 (SEO Only) or $1,000 (SEO and Web Hosting). We can work with you in setting up a payment plan that meets business needs. If needed. Most of our clients prefer a one-time payment. Let’s get started today!

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