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Looking for volume and length?

Tape-in extensions could be just the thing you need. Seamlessly adding thickness AND length for your dream head of hair! Using human hair will help avoid those exasperating knots and give you the most natural look and feel. So how do they work? Well, applying the wefts with medical-grade adhesive ensures the longevity of the extensions. This is the case because your natural hair will be sandwiched between the extensions holding it in place. Then leave it to our stylists to work diligently with you to create everything you’ve dreamed your hair of looking like. As
well as going over all of the aftercare needs to ensure the health of your hair and the life of your extensions.

Hand tie weft extensions:

Looking for Long lasting, natural-looking extensions with a plethora of color options? Hand-tied weft extensions could be your new best friend! These extensions are amazing because of the customization available in the process, you can choose whether the color is a balayage, ombré, or highlights, and of course the length. So how do they work? The best thing about these extensions is that they are hand sewn into your natural hair, creating a fast and painless process. This method allows for impeccable blending between the extensions and your natural hair. Our stylists will work with you to craft and hand sew the extensions of your dreams, as well as go over all the aftercare needs to ensure long-lasting healthy extensions.

Fusion/Keratin Bond extensions:

Looking for extensions almost identical to your own hair? Keratin bonded extensions could make you fall in love! These extensions are seen ALL OVER runways, and red carpets, bet that your favorite celebrity has them in right now! So how do they work? Well, single clusters of hair are bonded to yours using a special tool. This creates a small bond which is what makes these extensions so unrecognizable from your natural hair. This type of extension allows you to style your hair no different than you would normally. Our stylists will eagerly work with you to achieve the perfect color and length to fulfill all of your needs!

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