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What you must know and what you absolutely don’t have to know about Lustrous epoxy floors 

Lustrous epoxy floors are a new trend of this era. Primarily due to a wide range of advantages of epoxies, both residential as well as industrial customers like them. However, there are some confusions in the customer’s minds about epoxy floors. To clear these uncertainties, today I will equip you with the information you may find useful when installing an epoxy floor for your place.

1- What you must know

Mixing The Right Proportions Is Essential
Epoxy is a combo of two parts of coatings mixed professionally. You have to be clear about its composition. It is not a conventional paint but a waterproof vibrant coat for your wooden or concrete floors. You need to carefully make the ready-to-pour epoxy mix, as it will define the durability and smoothness of your floor. When applied by an expert, it is way more advantageous than any other flooring of its kind. It should give a high glossy look to your floor for over 20 years with protection against water, stains, mold, and mildew. Among Aliphatic, Cycloaliphatic, and Hybrid epoxy and polyurea coatings, you should choose 100% solid-based Aliphatic for your floor. It keeps its strength and shows all the features for a longer period.
Layering Strengthens The Bond
Prepare the floor with thinner epoxy as a binder, before the application of a final coat. In between these comes a transition layer of epoxy layering containing flakes. Such careful layering is essential to ensure that the layers don’t slide past the concrete layers being coated.
Most good-quality epoxies are self-priming, so you don’t always need to use primer either. After application, the sooner the epoxy sets, the more durable it would be.

2- What You Don’t Have To Know

The Hype Is Not Always Real
Some businesses use impractical marketing hype to trick customers into buying low-performance products at high rates. Some Epoxy flooring companies might take advantage of you being new to the domain.

Grub Out What’s Meaningless

The compressive and tensile strength of epoxies is meaningless. This is not an epoxy-grade defining factor. Almost all epoxies have higher compressive strength than concrete.

What To Focus on? Quantity Or Quality?

The other thing you should be clear about is the quantity. If you use loads of low-quality epoxy, it will get exposed to wear and tear. Your space will dull out completely in no time. Invest in quality, not quantity. Pot life, type, hardness, thickness and surface coat are the things you should mainly be concerned about.

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