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Why Homebuilders Should Pick an Excavation Company?


At the beginning of a project, prudent homebuilders work with excavation companies to clear sites and grade the property. Some builders will even have their excavation company perform certain trenching work, like cutting ditches for sewers, digging wells, and other infrastructure work.  Most importantly, an excavation company will be used to perform the necessary building pad work which could include build-up, excavation, backfilling, watering, and compacting as required to support the foundation.

Those same prudent builders and contractors continue working with their excavation company after the foundation is set to perform the necessary finish grading and driveway prep which ensures their client’s property drains properly.  It’s important that all these services are performed correctly to provide a solid foundation for the building, preserve the foundation and all your hard work, and preventing future issues that would ultimately result in a reputational loss for the builder.

However, instead of opting for an experienced excavation firm, some home builders and general contractors hire a landscaping company to perform some or all these services in addition to the landscaping. While some landscaping firms can perform basic grading, they are not highly skilled “dirt experts” with the proper training, knowledge, or tools to ensure adequate support, drainage, and sloping. Thus, many landscaping contractors subcontract the dirt work to an excavation company that has that knowledge/skill.

Professional excavation firms have expert-level knowledge of site and dirt work. By working directly with the excavation company, home builders and general contractors cut out the intermediary and ensure quality work. This not only saves a considerable amount of cost – from up-charging – but reduces miscommunication and provides a direct line of communication to a knowledgeable excavation company that can also provide guidance for the builder to avoid costly mistakes throughout the project.

A&B Excavation partners with homebuilders, custom homebuilders, and GCs to provide useful insights throughout the process to save our clients’ money!





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