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Say Goodbye to Brushed Car Wash- Welcome Brushless Car Wash

Whenever you need a car wash, probably you just Google car wash near me and go to the nearest service station to get your car cleaned. This is a really bad practice that should be shunned now. Your car may have been washed and cleaned, but there will also be some scratches over there that arise because of the brushes and continue to propagate. Thus, it is essential to think about your decision before doing anything. You have to choose reliable options for your car wash and in Flower Mound, there is certainly some very preferable option available for a car wash. So, let us take a brief look at the car wash guide.

Damage caused to car because of brushed car wash

If the service station is using brushes for your car wash, then do keep a note that this is going to harm your car because the bristles involved in the brush are harmful to your car. Also, the paint can be disrupted because the brush is certainly not suitable for the paint of your car. Brushed car washing always involves threats of scratches which keep on propagating and be there as an ugly scar on the car.

Brushless Carwash

There is a new car wash Flower Mound option available which is a brushless car wash. A brushless car wash doesn’t involve any damage to the car and hence it is very good for the maintenance of your car.

Car washes cloth

A brushless car wash involves a cloth as a substitute to brushes. This cloth comes to be a better and preferable option for the paint job. The microfiber cloth doesn’t scratch the car in any case, and thus, the finish of the car and paint are protected.

Better wash- Brushless car wash

It is the time that you stop using the brushed car wash service as it can harm your car and why to do so when you have other better car wash Flower Mound options available near you. Brushless car wash, as already mentioned, uses a microfiber cloth instead of brushes that act delicate to the car surface and don’t pose any threat. Thus, you can use different chemicals too with these different clothes. These chemicals will be better as compared to the ones that are used in the machine wash. A brushless system won’t scratch the car and along with that, the charges of the service are also less than the brushed wash very often.

Car washes near me

So, the next time you Google, “car wash near me”, you have to choose a brushless car wash option. Now, there are many car washes that advertise themselves as touch-less and brushless, but they are not reliable provided that they involve some additional price to the normal car wash. So, in Flower Mound, you have to look for a better reliable option instead. One such option is the Kwik Car Wash and detail center.

Why Kwik Car Wash and detail center?

Kwik car wash and detail center are an experienced car wash center in Flower Mound. With over 18 years of business, they are now experienced enough to service the car as per the customer’s requirement or even beyond that. If we look at the equipment used by Kwik car wash, we come across technologically advanced and state-of-the-art equipment which is certainly brushless. The chemicals used are better for your car’s paint, body and finish. Your car will be cleaned using soft micro-fiber cloth.

The shines will also be perfectly safe. They use reliable products for paint and soap protection that are of a high quality and are also environment-friendly. Moreover, the rates are reasonable. They also provide you with auto detail service in which they will clean, restore, and finish your car from both outside and inside to yield a show-quality level of detail.

Car wash layout and waiting for area of Kwik car wash

The car wash layout in Kwik car wash provides an efficient movement of vehicles which means they will not take much of your time and whatever service you require, you can be back on the road in a short time. So, get ready to give a sparkling shine to your car and while the Kwik car wash crew is doing that, you can wait in the well-appointed and spacious waiting area. The area is equipped with a soda fountain, comfortable seating arrangement, Wi-Fi access, flat screen TV and computers, thus a complete entertainment package. So, enjoy yourself because they claim to satisfy the customer completely from their services and want to win your trust and confidence in their service.

Hence, it would not be wrong to say that Kwik car wash and detail center is probably the best option for you in Flower Mound.