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Selling waste vegetable oil (WVO) is an innovative, environmentally-friendly solution for recycling used vegetable oil. If your restaurant uses vegetable oil on a large scale, instead of discarding it afterward, you can sell it to generate extra income.

What Are The Benefits?

Not only does recycling WVO help boost your profit, but there are also countless other benefits too. Some of them include:

  • You get to promote and take part in green initiatives.
  • It helps protect the city’s infrastructure since improper disposal of grease can significantly damage it.
  • By opting for a used vegetable oil service provider, your business won’t have to worry about throwing away used oil.

The WVO Selling Process

Where does your oil go after you’ve used it? There are a few stops before WVO can be used for any recycling application.


  • First, you’ll need to select a WVO service most suitable for your business. Then, make arrangements for storing the oil after use, keeping in mind that you must meet the WVO standards for filtering and securing the oil.
  • The WVO service you’ve contracted will let you know about oil pickup schedules. They collect the oil and further filter it to remove any undesired fluids or fried food particles. 
  • Finally, the WVO service provider sells the used vegetable oil to companies. These firms use it to make biodiesel. The oil also goes to companies that manufacture soaps, cosmetics, or livestock feed. 

Tips For Choosing A WVO Service

Before choosing a WVO service provider for your restaurant, you want to be sure to vet properly the company.

  • Find out what they do with the oil and where they sell it.
  • Make sure the oil is actually being recycled, since some companies might simply be dumping it and harming the environment.
  • Do extensive research and select a well-known WVO service.

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I started Black Sheep Grease LLC in 2005, with the mindset of being a “servant” to my customers. Basically, there are a lot of restaurant vendors that pick up and dispose of grease. So, I believe my company’s success will be based solely on the manner in which you are served. Therefore, I give this to you, our customer, a promise. We will be clean. We will be friendly and courteous. We will go above and beyond any other vendor. We will always be dedicated to customer service excellence, period.

In doing this, I have created an identity for my company different than any other grease collection agency. This creed has brought me more friends, clients, and customers than I had ever expected. Unlike the ordinary garbage man, my customers not only know me and my drivers but also enjoy conversing whenever having the opportunity. As a result, over the last years, we have grown from one truck and one customer to having multiple trucks and over 600 customers and affiliates.

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