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It’s natural for roofs to get damaged due to hail or storm or they get shabby as part of the natural wear & tear process. When this happens, you either need a full roof replacement or a speedy repair. Put your trust on Stamper Roofing; we specialize in both commercial and residential roofing services. Based in the Dallas Fort Worth area, we have been offering top quality; reliable roofing repairs Dallas to our clients for the last 22 years.

Does your commercial or residential roof require a repair or inspection? Fret no more! Just give our customer representative a call at 214-643-6309 to discuss your roofing needs and get a free quote.

Roofing Repair Service At The Most Affordable Rates!


Why Choose Us?

We offer reliable and top-quality roofing repair services at the most affordable rates. Almost all of our customers have been extremely satisfied with our roofing assistance, as we are members of the Customer Care Program with the Better Business Bureau.

We specialize as Insurance Claims Experts and have successfully negotiated over 98% of our claims. We provide a warranty on our roofing services and strongly value professional workmanship and efficient customer service. Aside from roof maintenance and repair assistance, we also offer a free inspection for your roof to evaluate conformity to Insurance criteria and provide a complete replacement service.

We have been a leading roofing repair company within the Dallas Fort Worth area, so you can rest assured you will receive the best services in town. We have experienced technicians on our staff panel who are highly qualified, insured, and trained for inspection, repair, and upkeep.

Just order a free inspection today!