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The Display Network: How To Make Money With It

Display ad networks are a type of marketing network that helps businesses place ads on online displays, such as websites and mobile devices. Ad networks use data analytics to target users with the most relevant ads.

Display ad networks are used by businesses to reach a large audience with targeted ads through the use of data analytics and bidding mechanisms.

Advertising through display ad networks is generally more expensive than other forms of advertising but can reach a much larger audience due to their targeting abilities.

What’s Google Display Ad Network?

Contrary to Google Search Network, where ads are shown to people searching for something with a specific intent in search results, Display Network (GDN) is a global ad network that helps advertisers place ads on online and mobile displays.

Advertisers can use GDN to target users according to their interests, location, or history with Google services. GDN also allows businesses to run ads across the web and in native apps using the same account manager.

5 Benefits of Using Google Display Ad Network Vs Google Search Network:

  • Demand Generator: Google Search Network (GSN) works as a sales generator because it shows your ad based on the intent. If someone searches best SEO service providers in Boca Raton, and you place your ad in search results, you appear at the top results and may even get the sale. However, if your service is relatively new, you must first generate interest and demand. This is where Google Display ad network (GDN) helps by placing your advertisement in places where your target audience hangs out and will likely see the ads. These can be YouTube videos, website banners, mobile apps, etc.
  • Audience Size: GDN can reach a much larger audience than Google Search Network because it uses data analytics to target users as per their interests, location, and history. With GSN, ads are only shown to people who search for what you have listed in the ad title.
  • Cost-Effective: Display Advertising is generally more expensive than other forms of advertising, but with GDN, businesses can optimize costs by using Google’s powerful AdWords platform, where bidding & targeting is easy
  • You Sell High-Ticket, Eye-Catching Products: If your product has visual appeal and can entice potential customers into buying it, you need to show it to them via ads. This is not possible with search ads as they’re mostly text-based. However, you can show your products in video or banner ads via GDN.
  • Remarket your product/service via GDN: If you have a lengthy sales process and people are not likely to buy it at first glance, then you can remarket your product/service by using GDN to reach people who have already shown an interest in it and maybe more persuadable. You can also use GDN to target those who recently searched for or interacted with similar products.

There are many reasons to use the Google Display ad network. It is cost-effective, can reach a larger audience than Google Search Network, and allows businesses to sell high-ticket products that look appealing to potential customers.


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