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The COVID-19 pandemic has taken the world by storm and brought entire economies to their knees. As we struggle and fight together to ward off this disease, cleaning, and disinfection of office spaces is more important than ever. This is where you need certified office cleaning services, not any ordinary dusting and scrubbing.

Keeping the workplace safe and infection-free for your employees must be your priority in the current situation, and doing that yourself could be a daunting job. Halting or shutting down your business is not economically viable; thus, you should consider continuing your operations while ensuring strict precautions and cleanliness in the office.

Why Professional Office Cleaning Services?

Certified cleaning services can go a long way in easing things if you require a complete COVID-19 clean for your facilities and premises. These companies have highly-trained, expert cleaners who can efficiently clean and disinfect every corner of your office, following the CDC-recommended protocols. Whether you have a confirmed COVID-19 case or just want a precautionary clean, we recommend that you opt for a systematic approach to office cleaning by utilizing professional services. Here are a few benefits you can enjoy if you hire a certified company for professional office cleaning in Dallas:-

  • Controlled spread of disease and reduced probability of COVID-19 cases in your office
  • Long-term cost savings since you get a thorough cleaning that is likely to last much longer
  • High-quality cleaning services that are more effective than basic, day-to-day cleaning by your staff
  • A wide range of services; you can either go for a touchpoint clean, precautionary clean and disinfection, or a detailed cleaning in case of confirmed COVID-19 cases

As the COVID-19 continues to spread across the globe, as a business owner you should aim to ensure employee safety and productivity by making the right choices. In these unprecedented circumstances, turning toward the experts is your best bet to contain the spread of the deadly virus.

Do You Need Certified Office Cleaning Services for COVID-19?

ACE Flooring DFW was started in 2003 as an adjunct to ACE Janitorial. Many of ACE Janitorial’s customers were in need of new flooring and/or floor maintenance. In today’s environment, customers have grown to expect service providers to handle multi-tasks instead of one specific area. Due to this, ACE has found great synergy between its two companies. ACE Janitorial provides all types of commercial cleaning services to help a business keep its facilities in top shape. ACE Flooring has continued to grow from supplying commercial customers with various flooring products and maintenance services to now supplying residential customers with top quality-reasonably priced floor products and restoration services.

ACE Flooring DFW

is a member of a major wholesale floor provider. Due to the large buying power of the wholesale floor supplier, ACE is able to pass on savings to its customers. Even though ACE is able to help customers acquire the floor products generally at a lower price, it is still able to offer a huge range of product selection for all the major floor manufacturers. Whether you are looking for carpet, hardwood, tile, vinyl, natural stone or concrete-related products, ACE has you covered. If needed, ACE will set up an appointment for you to meet with a flooring consultant to choose a product that will meet your décor and budget needs.

ACE will install products that customers purchase on their own. Many floor companies that have their own inventory and showrooms won’t install products that come from other places. They claim it is because they can’t warranty them. The truth is the manufacturer warranties the products; not the supplier. Ace will be glad to do a free analysis of bids or quotes from my competitors and can almost guarantee that our price will be lower. The consultations are always free of charge.

In addition to providing the initial floor installation, ACE Flooring has established a great reputation for restoring and maintaining floors of all types.

Whether you are in need of new floor products or restoration of your current flooring, ACE Flooring has you covered. Please call today to speak with a consultant and/or set up an appointment to discuss your flooring needs.

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