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WordPress Ninja- Lewisville TX|Meetup WordPress

Hidden in the halls of Improving Enterprises Building in Addision TX on a beautiful sunny Saturday lurks the WordPress Ninja aka Tony Cecala. His mission to teach Dallas Fort Worth WordPress Meetup Group ” 10 Steps to Becoming a WordPress Theme Ninja”.

I have been attending events in the local area for about three years now. I meet passionate individuals who do WordPress and SEO. I believe that in order to better server your customers that you should attend at least one or two educational sessions in your field.

Today session discussed CSS, HTML, Themes, Plugins, and much more. The group discussed tools to assist in determining what css sites are using. Chrome development seems to be a favorite of the group.

Tony discussed the functions.php file, CSS style sheets, Menu Swaps, code snippets and “Geniuses Theme”. He also suggested “Simple CSS” Plugin,  among others and a member suggested Jet pack has a css editor. Other great topic’s where discussed today but the one that peeked my interest was “Child Themes”. A good reference for this material is https://codex.wordpress.org/child_themes a great read.

What make a great training session? The facilities. Improving Enterprices has top notch learning environment for teaching. They have been providing the DFWWordpress a great learning environment, food and drinks. 

`If you get a chance checkout the DFWWordpress

Pictures of the event

WordPress Meetup Classroom -Lewisville TX|MeetUp Registration Desk-Lewisville TX| WordPress Meetup