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Your kitchen drains would never like the taste of the used cooking oils you feed them. They could catch ‘clog’, and I am sure you will not like regular plumber visits. A clogged free kitchen drain is essential to help you cook hassle-free. Fortunately, today’s innovative measures of recycling the used cooking oil have made it easy for you to keep your sewers clean. You should pay heed to the alternatives to utilizing the used cooking oil. Let’s skim through the virtues of cooking oil recycling helping the environment breathe freely.

Used as Biodiesel

Shifting from Non-Renewable Energy sources to Renewable Energy is a new trend these days. Cooking oil recycling can contribute to the production of biodiesel – a cleaner alternative for fossil fuels. This results in a positive trajectory of the economy and brings greater benefits to the environment. Biodiesel industry can altogether minimize the emission of greenhouse gases, hence saving the ozone layer.

A Pathway to Sustainability – Healthier Environment

Recycling is essential to reduce carbon footprint. The pollution caused by draining the used oil is obviously not good for the environment. A sustainable mechanism of cooking oil recycling solves problems of water supply contamination, keeping the systems manageable and durable.

Cost Effective

Regular practices of disposing oil into the drains can cost you a hefty amount in plumber visits. Restaurants can benefit enormously if they use a consolidated mechanism for clean disposal of oil. It will cost them very little if they intelligently shift to recycling the oil, rather than blind dumping.

Oil is not a one-use ingredient. You should not let its usefulness end in your deep fryer. Now you have a number of reasons to consider oil recycling when your oil and grease traps start to fill up.

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I started Black Sheep Grease LLC in 2005, with the mindset of being a “servant” to my customers. Basically, there are a lot of restaurant vendors that pick up and dispose of grease. So, I believe my company’s success will be based solely on the manner in which you are served. Therefore, I give this to you, our customer, a promise. We will be clean. We will be friendly and courteous. We will go above and beyond any other vendor. We will always be dedicated to customer service excellence, period.

In doing this, I have created an identity for my company different than any other grease collection agency. This creed has brought me more friends, clients, and customers than I had ever expected. Unlike the ordinary garbage man, my customers not only know me and my drivers but also enjoy conversing whenever having the opportunity. As a result, over the last years, we have grown from one truck and one customer to having multiple trucks and over 600 customers and affiliates.

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