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With flu season just around the corner, it’s essential that we keep ourselves healthy and protected from the virus. The following tips will help you and your family in lowering the risk of getting the dreaded flu this season.

What Contributes to Spreading the Flu?

First, it’s vital to know how the flu is commonly spread amongst people. The influenza virus is highly contagious and is spread from person to person from direct contact and even particles through the air. That is why it’s crucial to keep yourself protected during the flu season. The following tips will not only save you from getting infected but also prevent you from spreading the flu:

Adequately cover your nose or mouth while coughing or sneezing
Dispose of tissues right after you use them.
Don’t touch your eyes, mouth, or nose, if you have the flu – it spreads germs.
Avoid interacting with someone who is already sick, as the virus is highly contagious.
Keep objects and surfaces, such as towels and counters, clean and disinfected

Should I Get Flu Shot?

Many people debate whether a flu shot is necessary. Is it effective in reducing the chance of developing the flu? Generally, a flu shot will lower your risk of getting sick from the influenza virus. However, studies reveal that the vaccine doesn’t work efficiently against H3N2 viruses. Although the flu shot does not guarantee to protect you from every flu instance, it might make the illness milder.

Occasionally, the flu can result in serious complications. It’s advisable to get a flu shot, especially for those under higher risk, such as, children and the elderly.

Where to Get Flu Shot

You can visit any of the Metroplex Medical Centres to get the flu shot. If you require more information or have any concerns about flu season or getting the flu shot, the medical center will assist you.

Metroplex Medical Centre-Fort Worth is one of our newer practices opened in 2019 in Downtown Fort Worth. Similar to Downtown Dallas, it has been created as an urban medical center catering to the needs of the busy working individual and those living downtown. This office is conveniently located close to all the main office buildings and attractions like Sundance Square and Water Garden.