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Welcome to Metro PoolKeepers – the Most Reliable & Top quality Pool Cleaning Service in Town!

Your Pool Cleaning Now A Serene Thought!

If you are looking for pool cleaning, filter cleaning, pool maintenance, or pool equipment repair services in greater Dallas, Fort Worth area, you have landed on the right page. We have a trained, dedicated staff that uses most refined and sophisticated techniques of pool cleaning. Our pool technicians have a strong know-how of water purity, and PH levels thus can inspect and manage the calcium hardness, the stabilizer, and the PH balance of your pool. Either you have a home pool, an apartment swimming pool, a community swimming pool, or a commercial pool, our staff is skilled in cleaning every type of pool.

Your Go-to Pool Cleaning Service

Our focus is on diligently clearing away the entire grunge from your pool according to your purging needs. We highly value our customers. Our staff will work with you throughout the cleaning process to ensure you feel satisfied and that your swimming pool operates efficiently. Our regular pool cleaning services provide a hygienic pool allowing you and your family to enjoy an excellent swimming session. Our pool cleaning services include:

  • Regular (weekly & biweekly) Pool Cleaning Service
  • Pool Repair
  • Swimming Pool Maintenance Service
  • Pool Equipment Repair & Parts upkeep
  • Green to Clean Pool Service & operational efficiency checkup
  • Installment, Replacement & Repair of Salt Systems

Whether you want your pool serviced, cleaned, maintained as part of regular upkeep or need equipment repair, let us know by calling at 972-800-7177  and get access to our top-quality cleaning services in no time.

My name is David Owen, and I’m the owner of Metro PoolKeppers. This is a family owned pool cleaning business where the owner is out in the field working to make sure the pools are being cleaned and checked as they should. Metro PoolKeppers goal is to treat you and your family as my own family. You will be able to reach me by phone or email and not have to wait days to get answers to your questions about pool cleaning. The picture you see above is my own pool with my son swimming in it. We are not just some guys in a truck with a magnetic sign and pole. Our trucks are clearly labeled so you can see who is at your home. I believe in old-fashioned customer service which is rare in today’s world. I think telling the truth, being honest and having a good work ethic makes Metro Poolkeepers stand out. We hope to earn your business and continue to service your pool for a long time.