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Millions of athletes from all over the world undergo sports physicals tests before participating in sports activities. These checks ensure that you remain fit and stay safe while performing your activity. Furthermore, the tests indicate that if your bodies are ready for the season or the competition coming ahead or not. And if there is anything related to your health that needs attention. There are two main parts of a sports physicals check; Medical History and Physical Exam.
What Does Medical History Include?
You need to fill out a medical history form. Check the boxes based on your past health issues like gastric, asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, etc. You can also write down details regarding these health problems. Moreover, the form includes questions that inquire about diseases, allergies, and injuries that you have endured in the past. The doctors review your family’s medical history as well to find out if any additional tests are necessary. Also, the form takes into account your mental health to confirm if you have depression and anxiety type of issues.
What Does Physical Exam Include?
Physical Exams are designed to measure your body’s capacity for exercise. Experts start by recording your height, weight, pulse, vision, etc., and then check your average speed, flexibility, joints, diet, and other factors. They also inquire about your use of drugs, alcohol, dietary supplements, and any “performance enhancers” that you take to improve your overall health condition and recommend follow up exams or any additional tests that you need to take.
Where and When Should I Get Sports Physicals?
Clinics, drug stores, and even schools offer Sports Physicals. Urgent care centers also provide well-organized evaluations. The best time to take tests is 6-8 weeks before the season. It allows doctors enough time to treat any arising issues and make you fit before the competition. Even if you aren’t an athlete, it is still essential to take these tests because they help you identify your body condition and suggest ways to deal with issues that might hinder your performance.


Metroplex Medical Centre-Fort Worth is one of our newer practices opened in 2019 in Downtown Fort Worth. Similar to Downtown Dallas, it has been created as an urban medical center catering to the needs of the busy working individual and those living downtown. This office is conveniently located close to all the main office buildings and attractions like Sundance Square and Water Garden.