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A storm chaser is essentially what the name illustrates – someone who seeks instances of violent weather. More specifically, they are companies or individuals who target homes after a storm hits the area. The storm could be anything that can damage roofs, from hail, a blizzard, a tornado, or a hurricane. The storm chasers will come knocking on your door and provide residential roof repair services at a very little or sometimes no cost at all. Doesn’t it sound too good to be true?

Yes, you guessed it right!

Storm chasers will use highly persuasive sales methods to convince you that you need your roof fixed right away. They might explain that they’re directly from your insurance company, or will ask for a payment and tell you that insurance will pay you back.

The storm chasers might also convince you to have their team check your roof for damages. Often, they will mark damaged areas and tell you that they will send someone later for residential roof repair. And – you’ve guessed it – no one will show up.

Even if storm chasers agree to fix your roof, they will put in minimum effort and provide a short-term fix. You’ll see problems with your roof again in just a few years.

So, how do you know if the person at your door will actually help you, or if you’re being scammed? Here are a few tips to spot storm chasers:

They ask you for advance payment - viable roof repair companies may ask for a fraction of the payment upfront, but never the entire amount.
They attempt to convince and pressurize you into getting your roof fixed.
Your insurance company will let you know if someone will be stopping by, so someone who comes unannounced is most likely untrustworthy.
Ask them for a certification or license. If they fail to offer that, you should know something is not right.

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